Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EMIT Fair 2010-Day 1

Emmmm~~ari yg memenatkan bg sakura..dh la mlm smlm blk kj kul 12 midnight.then kene dtg awal kul 8 pg..huuuuuuhh~~!i'm not a morning person. + my legs oooo sakit sgt ...cm cram giler2 punyer
today cm dh settle la kt customer service booth.mlm td cm kelam kabut sbb bnyk sgt bende nk siapkan.huuuuuu.dgn manager2 skali turun padang.
tp besh la.
kul 10 pg launch kt CS booth. then peoples start crowding every where.guess what---- the door gift...dh abis!!!huh..x smpat utk esok.so kene pikir door gift yg lain..
emm im thinking of mugs.
tgk la cmner i 'll try my best.sebab skrg ni booth customer service kurang interactive.need to find something.

All the besh for tomorrow!!sakura kene jaga booth dr kul 1 ptg until 4 ptg.convention centre level 3 hall 3!

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