Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 Habits of Effective people

3 Days ago, sakura have attended Workshop by Steven Conley psal 7 habits..Emm plus lg 1 habit mkn2 and jln2.Mmg besh la Ritz Carlton ni..location kt Starhill brhadapan jaga2 skit not smuer mknn kt saner halal ok...ader sorg pekerja tu smpai tanyer,u guys can eat porks right..aha!saper nk jwb tu..

Workshop ni handle by Leadership resources team.bnyk gak alat bantuan mngajar,novel,manual,planner.yer la mmg mhl coz ni.ader participants from other company cth:AKPK, sakura sgt kagum dgn video2 yg dimainkan time training tu..very2 inspiring people cth mcm Mahatma Gandhi,Helen Keller,cerita psal golder egg,being reactive or proactive..think win2.and sum quotes..antara quotes yg menarik:

Real not obtained through self-gratifcation,but through fidelity to a worth purpose,-Helen keller.

Isee,i may forget
i hear,i may remember,
i do, iunderstand,
i teach, i master-LAO TZE

Sakura nk share pasal 1 topic yg sakura learnt from the workshop.about Circle Of Influence.Proactive and Reactive Person.


Org yg bley control situation dlm circle of influence.Circle of Concern ialah situasi yg x bleh dikawal cth traffic,weathet,inflation and political situation.Org yg dlm kategori ni ,bley mengawal aper sajer situasi dn menyebabkan circle of influence mengembang,circle og concern mengecil.


Org dlm jenis ni do not know how to control,contoh circle of influence ialah,emosi,time, skill,knowledge,smuer tu bender yg perlu kawalan according to yg reactive akan menyebabkan circle of influence of concern mengembang and give us some pressure.

Cth if you are driving on the road, a car speed up and potong ur car..what you will do?

A person who Reactive, will potong blk the car.why?they dont think about the consequences,do not know how to control emotion,thats a person with no control to circle of influence.

A Proactive person will just ignore the situation,because they think about the saman, police or any consequences.between Stimulus and responcse.they have freedom to choose.

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are, i don't believe in circumstances.
-George Bernard Shaw

Nanti sakura citer lg psal 7 habit ni k..ader ilmu kene la share..just for knowledge and fun..and maybe useful at your workplace.

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