Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ramli Ibrahim -Culture Talkshow 2011

Ambik pics dgn student2 Ramli Ibrahim

Food yg besh2

Performance by Ramli's students

Expression of love


posing jgn x posing

Chit Chat with Ramli ibrahim

Profile of Indian Dance

Ini lah hasil deco in 1 hour to be completed

Hari yg plg tension...Celebrity Talkshow by Ramli Ibrahim,the famous Malaysian Indian traditional dancer.pernah diinterview dlm CNN and judges of So you Think you can dance.

fuhh mmg tension sbb deco kene siapkan within 1 hour,seating arrangement yg kene ikut requirement..mmg kalu xder support from everyone x jadik.sbb nk psng belon,flags,slides alhamdulilah,,everything was executed accordingly and ran well.

Raml's students are awesome!x sangka indian dance ni perlu mengekspresikan mcm2 perasaan example,anger,excitement,laughter, so charming!tp nk blajar skrg x dpt la kot huhu..even student dier yg chinese tu(nama jen) blajar sjak umur 8 liuk lentuk menarinya sgt wow..syabas!

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