Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Year End Trip 2012

Welcome Disember! wishing best wishes to all,kali ni sakura ke Penang.alhamdulilah dgn izin Allah.3 hari 2 mlm.bnyk nk update psal Penang ,but first,nk citer psal kelembapan KTM.argh head ache!they should improve their service. x kesian ke kitorg ni mmbazir mase menunggu..x kesian ke kt penumpang yg kebnyakannya warga emas,huhuhuh.KL Sentral 20 stations, 7 hours + late 2 hours.suck!

tu citer time pergi,time nk blk...delay pulak la,2 hours!last2 we take a bus from butterworth.they really should improve..or else very bad impression to the tourism industry...and malaysian too!which we think of reliable services.

TILL THEN,Check out next entry...heheee

muke control snyum:P

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