Wednesday, January 2, 2013

another success stories...

assalamualaikum 2013,wah jp jer dh 2/01/2013.3.12 am. cantik gak tarikh nih yer.just nk share happy news with all sakura's beloved bloggers stalkers heeehe,another rezeki yg dilimpahkan Allah S.wt.yg sntiasa mmperkenankan doa2 hamba nya.ya Rahman ya Rahimm(doa hamba2 yg teraniaya sgt makbul,haha!)

recognition award and increment .waw i guess this is the highest percentage of gaji so far in my career as exxonians.alhamdulilah rezeki my family,thanks for those yg mndoakan,especially omak and ayh den.

to all gengs out there,do all @ ur very best.caiyok2,tetapkan nawaitu,usaha yg terbaik!jgn luper Allah yer.lastly,all the best and stay cweetttttt!!!

another great year,spice up ur life!
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